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Image of CCT with moon overhead

The CCT Building opened in 2007 and is home to the Communication, Culture & Information Technology (CCIT) program.  It features a large lecture theatre that seats 500 and houses the Multimedia Studio Theatre (MiST). It also houses 24-hour PC and Mac computer labs. The TCard office, Computing Services, and Shuttle Bus office are located on the lower level Atrium in CC0160A and CC 0160B. Underneath the CCT Building is the campus' only underground parking garage.

餐饮服务包括:自助服务的Tim Hortons

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房间 容量 类型
CC 1080 500 演讲
CC 1140 150 演讲
CC 2130 73
立方厘米CCIT心房 500 会议区
CC 3000 20 会议室

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