UTM is a Fair Trade CAmpus


  • All non-branded food service outlets will offer, exclusively, Fair Trade coffee, tea, sugar, and three or more Fair Trade chocolate bar options; Doi Chaang coffee, Numi & Teaja tea, Camino sugar, and Alter Eco, Endangered Species, Me to We, Camino, and Green & Black's chocolate
  • 所有零食的自动售货机将提供公平贸易巧克力选项和狄奥咖啡自动售货机将成为公平贸易咖啡 
  • 所有非品牌食品服务场所使用公平贸易肉桂烹饪
  • UTM will host a number of Fair Trade events throughout each academic year, including events such as Breakfast ‘n Learns, Lunch events, free product tastings, & giveaways. These events will not only provide an opportunity to try the products, but also be an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and be a part of something bigger than UTM
  • 公平贸易校园本周将继续成为公平贸易的庆祝活动,将成为进行有关校园公平贸易举措的谈话
  • 所有宴会活动也将使用,完全是公平贸易咖啡(DOI昶),茶(NUMI)和糖(卡米诺)
  • Every year we will reconfirm & reapply for our designation through Fair Trade Canada and will commit to adding more Fair Trade certified products to our campus


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