NEDA maghbouleh(社会学)


Photo of Professor NEDA maghbouleh在这个版本的 查看到U 播客,我们从听到教授 NEDA maghbouleh,谁听起来有点熟悉,因为她是我们在学术界赛季妇女在去年精选的播客。


Also with this new, third season of the 查看到U highlighting UTM’s "Global Perspectives," Neda discusses her research, which largely stems from her passion for 社会学, but also outlines the inspiration for her book, The Limits of Whiteness: Iranian-Americans & the Everyday Politics of Race, that was inspired, in part, by her own experience of crossing the border at Niagara Falls when she came to Canada from the US to start her academic appointment at 多伦多大学 in 2013.

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